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Hy-Initiatives Learning services provides a customized end-to-end service which will ensure that competence is delivered to our clients through various learning methods i.e instructor based training, online training, mentorship, job shadowing etc. We also ensure that we are adapting your organizations learning practices to a more cost efficient solution through the use of learning collaborators, knowledge management systems and the competence already embedded in your organization’s people.

Some benefits of this service are;

  • Increases return on training investment by maximizing in-house competence
  • Ensure in-house competence is shared through active and job focused learning, thereby reducing time to competence for less experienced staff
  • Increases the efficiency of your on-the-job training through a structured approach, regular monitoring and guidance and through the evaluation of outcomes
  • Increases workplace performance our clients through increased confidence, reduced errors, more independent work and a better knowledge of the organization and its unique skill requirements.
  • Improves staff retention and reduces staff turnover
  • Fosters a learning culture by continuing learning outside the training environment
  • Mentors grow as leaders through acting as role models, increasing their own


Learning Services

We provide a bouquet of technical and soft skill trainings through the following learning methods

Instructor Led – Face to Face instructor led classes by industry experts to give a broad understanding of the telecoms industry and the basics of some the various technologies in the different technical domains, whilst augmenting this with an understanding of the softer skill trainings that enable the participant work more productively in this area.

Online – Provide access to various training modules specific for telecoms knowledge development within the industry. This could be virtual or multimedia based

Mentoring Services

We develop a mentorship framework which enables the learners have access to industry experts thereby enhancing learning through one of the following methods

Structured Job placements – Provide placement opportunities for participants to have hands on practice/visibility on telecoms equipment and the necessary skills to improve their employability within the industry

Mentor mapping – One on one buddy mappings with senior specialists within the assigned area to ensure coaching and day on day support is provided through effective use of mentor/mentee monitoring and feedback tools