Consulting – Hy-initiative


Hy-Initiatives Performance Consulting service is designed to ensure optimal return on your investments in competence. Our consultants will analyze your training and performance needs based on your business requirements and design competence solutions and performance improvement projects for all or selected staff for your consideration.

Some examples of the deliverables of this service are:

  • Performance Management (PM):  Includes performance management practice analysis (PMPA), social performance management (SPM), online performance appraisal systems  and improvement programs for sharing of best practices and procedures, provision and customization of tools for monitoring and verifying skill and performance levels
  • Competence Management (CM): Includes Skills Audit (SA), Training Need Analysis (TNA), Employee Performance Improvements (EPI), Competence Development Plan (CDP) recommendations, all closely aligned to your current and future business needs and goals.

Performance Management

The PM service is a thorough assessment of your current organizational performance management practices and recommendations of how to build or improve on this critical area of human capital management.

Some benefits of this service are;

  • Improved efficiency in company operations
  • Clearly define performance management best practices for company-wide sharing and performance improvement
  • Increased accountability and ownership of people management priorities
  • Flexible tools to ensure performance management is not viewed as a cumbersome and laborious process by line managers
  • In-bibe social performance management as a new way of encouraging and rewarding employee performance
  • Enhanced ability to assess skill and performance levels.

Competence Management

The CM service is a flexible, customizable service that aims to align competence and
performance to your business goals. We can help you assess/audit skills and competence levels, define competence and knowledge gaps, analyze performance needs and design optimized training solutions, define competence development activities as a complete, training service covering every aspect of your business at every level, and utilize state of the art tools that will support the management of these activities in a cost efficient, planned and controlled way.

Some benefits of this service are;

  • Improved efficiency in company operations
  • Alignment of technical and commercial competencies with business and performance objectives
  • Facilitate a smooth transition from current to future technologies in line with business requirements
  • Facilitate a planned competence development across the functional areas maximizing training efficiency within the organization
  • Retain motivated employees within the company with planned, visible career paths and on-going competence development.
  • Provide recommendations on staff promotions, redeployment and retrenchments